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Boulevard Charlemagne 64, 1000 Bruxelles

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Geschreven door onze klanten, zodat je weet wat je kan verwachten bij elke salon.
My experience there was great. They really put me in trust directly. They took time to put me in a confortable state and relax. .I just wish I would have been asked to describe what I was looking for, so that it could be more precise in a therapeutic way. But the foot massage was still excellent, you can feel she knows what she's doing there's no doubt, and it is having a real effect on my body.
Back Massage
The reflexology session was authentic and effective (that is, not just a gentle "foot massage"), with just the right amount of pressure. But one needs to be prepared for this type of deep massage of the feet. The masseuse was experienced and skilled. The venue/room in which the session took place, however, had paper-thin walls. Voices could be heard during the session from outside (even with soft music in the background).