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Having a tan may help you look healthy and radiant but the likelihood of a sun-drenched summer, winter and spring is a distant dream for most of us. Sunbeds and tanning booths are still one of the most popular methods to achieve that golden glow.

What can you expect from sunbeds and tanning booths?

First things first: tanning salon take safety rules very strict, for all the right and necessary reasons. Is it your first visit to the salon? The staff will first carry out a skin analysis to check your skin type. Once your skin type has been determined, you're assigned the type of sunbed and the session duration that is most appropriate for you. Since there are different sunbeds out there with variations in intensity levels, it's better to start out with a low-intensity sunbed as your skin needs some time to create pigment under the sunbed. Wearing the UV protection goggles is essential to prevent your eyes from the UV-light. Your eyelids are very thin and looking straight into the UV light is an absolute no-go for your eyes, so be sure to wear them as closing your eyes only block out about 20% of the UV light without the goggles. There are various tanning creams and lotions out there to speed up that tanning process and to protect your body from drying out. Slip under the sunbed, close your eyes for a couple of minutes and relax. After the session you'll feel relaxed and your skin will have a beautiful glow.

Good to know

  • Tanning for anyone under the age of 18 years is prohibited by law.
  • Sunbed tanning isn't safer than sun tanning. Keep an eye on your UV exposure to protect your skin and mind the tanning regulations that can be found at the salon.
  • A suntan session also fights acne and other skin impurities. How convenient!
  • Your skin can get damaged, regardless of whether you get a sunburn, so listen to your body and don't hesitate to stop the tanning session before the timer runs out if it doesn't feel right.
  • It might take up to 24-48 hours for the pigment to fully develop, so patience is key!
  • Someone with skin type 1 typically has fair skin, gets a sunburn fast and rarely get tanned. On the other hand, someone with skin type 4 tan very easily and hardly get sunburns, so don't compare your friends' tanning results to yours - since every skin is different.
  • Fight the winter blues by catching some extra rays of light! Vitamin D is also created from the light of a sunbed. Hello good temper, lean muscles and joints and deep relaxation.

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