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Men’s facials, what’s all that about? Unlike ones designed for our female counterparts, male facials are developed to combat those skincare problems we all commonly face: ingrown hairs, flakey skin, infamous razor burn and the rest. There’s dozens of different treatments, but most male facials combine massage techniques with a deep cleanse to create definition while keeping skin fresh and toned.

What to expect from a facial for men?

Male facials tend to stick to seven simple steps, including cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, an anti-ageing face mask, toning, moisturising and a relaxing massage. The deep cleanse and exfoliation come first, and pesky blackheads may also be extracted; trust us, it’s painful but worth it. For the finishing touches, your esthetician will remove any bits of dirt and debris using oils infused with things like sandalwood and vanilla (no flowery nonsense here). You’ll leave with an immediate healthy glow that should last 48-72 hours, plus long-lasting benefits you can really see and feel.

Good to know

  • Facials can be adapted to benefit each and every skin type, so as long as you let the therapist know about your specific requirements at the start of the treatment, you'll be good to go!
  • Do not shave immediately before your appointment. Shaving can leave skin feeling tender, sore and especially sensitive to products, so whipping off that fuzz the day or evening before is a much better option.
  • Men’s facials take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, but we pretty much guarantee that it'll be time well spent.

The sciencey stuff

If your complexion is in need of some maintenance and you want to transform your skin from rough to smooth, don't rule facials out. The body’s healing process can slow down for many reasons, and factors like exposure to the sun and bad life choices will also take their toll. Facials are effective in reducing this damage, boosting the production of collagen with massage and revealing new cells with exfoliation. Late nights will mess with your face, but a facial will fix it.

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