Anti-aging facial

Also known as:

LPG Facelift, Non-Surgical Facelift

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Nervous about going under the knife? Non-surgical face lifts are the perfect alternative. Safer, quicker and cheaper than surgery, the non-invasive nature of the treatments will result in a glowing and youthful appearance – no nips and tucks necessary.

What to expect from non-surgical face lifts?

When it comes to non-surgical face lifts, there are plenty of options to choose from, so you’re sure to find one best suited to you. You may want to try a liquid face lift or dermal fillers, where hyaluronic acid or collagen is injected into the damaged area to plump it up for a super-smooth appearance. Laser treatment may be more what you’re after, where laser beams are directed onto the skin to eliminate fine lines and banish blemishes. Alternatively, many choose to bow down to Botox – here, a fine needle is inserted directly into the targeted muscle to soften any crow’s feet and wrinkles.

In the spotlight: chemical peel

The chemical peel removes the outermost layer of the skin and helps against wrinkles, acne (scars) and even sun spots. It will also reduce any coarse pores and have your skin looking smoother and radiant. A peel stimulates the skin's natural healing process and promoties the rapid regeneration of new cells. AHA peels work well for fine lines or wrinkles and BHA peels have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it's great for controlling the excretion of sebum and acne.

In the spotlight: connective tissue massage

A connective tissue massage is a natural face lift massage. It encourages blood circulation to the skin, promoties cell renewal and tones the facial muscles. We won't beat around the bush... This massage may be quite painful at times, as firm pressure is applied to reach the facial muscles that support the skin. But in the end it's worth it! As more collagen and elastin are created, so will your skin get smoother and after a course of sessions you will notice that the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

Know before you go

  • Bear in mind that all non-surgical face lifts wear off sooner or later and require upkeep to maintain the results – you'll either have to go back every few months, or a series of sessions will be needed.
  • One session takes up to an hour and a half, and there are no after-effects, scars or healing time. Score!
  • If you’re after a big fix for sagging and drooping skin, you’re more likely to get the results from a surgical face lift.

The sciencey stuff

As we all know, getting older introduces us to the dreaded pull of gravity. But what actually causes wrinkles, fine lines and sagging? It’s all down to our skin losing collagen and elastin – the vital ingredients for a soft, plump and youthful appearance. Ultraviolet radiation also breaks down these essential proteins, so sun worshippers, think twice next time you’re catching those rays!

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