Professional photography

What we need from you

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Keep it clean and tidy

Please make sure the salon looks its best before the start of the appointment. That way, the photographer can begin the photo shoot immediately. Take some time to move all unnecessary objects like cables, magazines and clutter. Don't forget to clean all the dusty surfaces too, the camera will pick up the smallest of details.

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Invite a model

Photographing treatments is a great way to show customers what you're best at, so we always recommend having a ‘model’ ready. This could be a person who you’ve asked for this occasion or a customer you’ve informed in advance.


Make sure your team is present

Please make sure the whole team is present for the shoot. Our photographer will take a picture of all the employees. These pictures will be added to the individual agendas of your team. By doing this, your clients will be able to see with whom they make a booking. If somebody cannot make it to the shoot, please upload a picture of the employee yourself via Connect 2 days after the photoshoot the latest.


To create the best series of photos for you venue, we take around 12 photographs to showcase your salon at its best!

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Interior shots give customers an idea of where their treatments will take place and the atmosphere of your venue. This is why it’s important to take some time to make things clean and tidy, removing all unnecessary items from the area.

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Do you work with any familiar brands? Let us showcase these to your customers. They will love to see what you have in store.

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Do you have any quirky spaces or features in your salon? Let it be seen! It makes your venue unique and special. People love interesting spaces.

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Treatments are a great way to show your customers what to expect. In order to photograph a treatment, we advise you to have a ‘model’ ready. This could be a person who you’ve asked for this occasion or a customer you’ve informed in advance.

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A portrait of the owner/manager is inviting and reassuring. It allows customers to feel a more personal connection with the venue they plan to book their treatment with. As important as the team are to the overall contribution to your business we do not take their photos as team members are likely to change throughout the years.

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By having an exterior shot this will let customers know exactly where to find you. don't forget to get rid of all unnecessary objects in front of your salon, i.e, bikes, trash or leaves.

Get in touch

If you have a question in relation to the photoshoot, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Telephone: 02 588 47 55