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How do I book a treatment? How do I pay for my booking? How do I change my booking? How do I cancel my booking? How do I know my booking is confirmed? Why haven’t I received a confirmation e-mail yet? Where can I find the contact details of the salon? How do I enter my booking in my own calendar?
What is a Treatwell Gift Card? Where can I use my Gift Card? How do I use my Gift Card? How long will my Gift Card be valid for? When will I receive my Gift Card? How can I cancel my giftcard purchase? I have two Giftcards, can I combine them? I still have remaining credit on my giftcard, how can I use it ? Any questions?
Do you charge a fee for online payments? My online payment failed. Now what? Is it actually safe to pay online at How do I redeem a (digital) voucher or discount code? My discount code is not working. How come? What happens to my online payment if I cancel my booking? Can I pay in cash? Which credit cards do you accept?
change & cancel
How do I change my booking? How do I cancel my booking?
How do I post a review? Can I delete or change a review? Why should I leave a review?
How do I create an account? What are the advantages of having an account? Do I need to create an account to make a reservation? Can I delete my account? I forgot my password. Now what?
Is it possible to resign from your newsletter? Where can I find the salon’s phone number?